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Money Matters

— We’re on a mission to redistribute fund earnings. Our fund infrastructure enables companies to build their own ETFs and funds, without any operational and regulatory burden, while receiving their fair share of the fund market.

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About NaroIQ

NaroIQ believes in an empowered society where investing is a norm, not an exception. To change this status quo we’ve reimagined fund infrastructure to build and provide innovative capital allocation solutions.

We enable financial platforms to build their own customized fund products, such as ETFs, Index Funds and Money Market Funds, without any operational or regulatory burden. Our innovative infrastructure provides a unique investment setup, eliminating reliance on generic approaches and enabling companies to grab their fair share of the fund market - resulting in lower fees, higher interest and more suitable products for the end user.

By doing so, we play our part in fixing the financial system through strengthening long-term wealth building for people and society as a whole.
Because, after all:

Money Matters.

NaroIQ Funds

Complex for us, means easy for you.
– our innovative NaroIQ ETFs and funds are modular, accessible and seamless to integrate.


No regulatory burden for you


No minimum fees


Tailor-made framework




Tech-first infrastructure

Don’t leave money on the table Money Matters.

Increased Product Engagement

Address your users’ continuing and evolving needs by seamlessly integrating NaroIQ Funds into your current offerings to promote product engagement.

Supercharge Your Capital Potential

NaroIQ Funds allow for stronger monetary and thematic participation in the ETF and funds market, enabling you to make more out of your market share.

Safeguarding Your Assets

NaroIQ Funds provide safe and daily-flexible capital storage with no counterparty risk.

Additional AuM-based Revenue Stream

We unlock a strong AuM-based revenue stream for you, moving beyond transaction-based earnings for consistent and substantial cash flow.

NaroIQ Funds for You


Put your own funds behind your algorithms & ideas with NaroIQ.

Digital Brokers

Use NaroIQ’s funds to recreate the bestseller index funds on your platform.


Replace the top-selling active funds with similar company-own NaroIQ funds.

E-Money Institutes

NaroIQ’s Money Market Funds as an alternative deposit solution.

Cash Management Platforms

NaroIQ’s funds offer an upgraded money storage solution for your clients.

Credit Platforms

Use NaroIQ’s Money Market Funds as an alternative credit reserve account.

Finance Apps

Invest your users’ refunds and product savings with NaroIQ.

Insurance Providers

Build fund-based pension and insurance products with NaroIQ.

Employee Platforms

Offer NaroIQ Funds as a company pension scheme.


Create a reallocatable treasury fund based on solvency & MiFid criteria with NaroIQ.

Crypto Companies

Back your Stablecoins with NaroIQ’s Money Market Funds.

Your Fund Idea

Grab your fair share of the fund market!

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